We have no listing of astrological or gifting associations for Wavellite.
Wavellite is named after William Wavell (?-1829) of England who discovered the mineral. The World's finest specimens come from Mt.Ida, Arkansas. Wavellite is extremely rare.
              Wavellite assists in looking at the whole picture prior to decision making. It helps manage difficult situations and provides information to the inner self such that one can recognize both the direct and the indirect methods of accomplishing a task. It can also facilitate the flow of energy from the ethereal body to the physical body, producing and increased stability with respect to health and health mainenance within the physical body. Can be used in the treatment of flows; energy flows, blood flows, etc. assists in balancing the white blood cell count with the red blood cell count, and can facilitate the normalization of that ratio.
Chakra: association varies by color.
Composition: Hydrated aluminum phosphate
Mohs-scale hardness: 3.5 - 4
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