Sugalite is named for the Japanese geologist who discovered the first specimens, Ken-ichi Sugi. It is also known under the trade names of "Royal Lavulite" and &q"Royal Azel." A fairly recent discovery (1944), it is found in Japan, Canada and India. The most important occurrence was found in 1975 in the Kalahari Desert, Northern South Africa. In 1979 a large deposit of gem grade sugilite was found 3200 feet below the original discovery.
Sugalite is opaque with a waxy luster and ranges from a pale grayish lavender to a deep dark purple. It often contains black matrix,  reddish brown or yellowish blotches. Bright purple stones with little matrixing or blotches are the most valued. Gem grade sugilite is beautifully translucent and because it is quite rare it brings a high price.
              Strengthens the heart, aids physical healing and reduces stress. Balances mind, body and spirit. Encourages peace, general feeling of well being and spiritual love. Protects against and dissipates negativity.
Mohs-scale Hardness: 6 - 7

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