Corresponding Astrological Signs: Capricorn and Sagittarius
Smoky Quartz can vary from grey to warm brown, light and clear to an almost solid looking black/brown.  The coloration is due to natural radiation occurring in its environment.  (Quartz crystals are also irradiated in the lab to create the smoke color, but it is not recommended, and can usually be identified by an all-too even almost black color.) Crystals can also be smoky in color from the presence of sodium.  Excellent specimens are currently found in Brazil, Switzerland, the Himalayas, and Mexico.  In the U.S., fine elestials and sceptors are found in Nevada, and other sites include Arkansas, California, and Colorado.
Dissipates negativity.  Balances energies of mind and body.  Protective and grounding.  Enhances dream awareness and channeling abilities.  Mitigates depression, is mildly sedative and relaxing.
Chakras: Root and Crown
Composition: Silicon Dioxide
Mohs-scale Hardness: 7
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