The Shiva Lingam is one of the most sacred icons of the ancient as well as the modern world. It comes only from the Narmada River, an inlet of the Ganges and one of India's most holy sites. Villagers gather the stones from the river and hand polish them. Shiva resonates with energies of all the elements.
This sacred stone relates to the heart chakra and to the manifestation of the love energy that resides in all of us. The egg shape is considered a phallic symbol of the Hindu god Shiva. The shiva lingam represents both male and female, as well as the cosmic egg from which all creation emerged. The Lingam also represents the harmony of balance of the soul that is maintained within the balance of the Universe. When held they bring an overall sense of calmness and well-being. The dark yoni markings are feminine, and the shape is masculine; symbolizing a perfect balance. Each stone is unique.The Lingam is symbolic of the Divine Creative manifestation. The Lingam shape is representative of the power masculine creative energy. The markings symbolize the feminine energy and manifestation in the dance of the cosmos.
              Activates kundalini. Boosts vitality. Enhances inner transformation. Breaks old patterns and open new life paths. Helps to feel unity. Healers use shiva lingams to treat impotence, infertility, strengthen and balance the whole body.
Chakras: Root and Sacral
Composition: Cryptocrystalline Quartz
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