Ruby is a birthstone for July.
Ruby is the red corundum variety, whose color is caused by chromium. Ruby is found mostly in alluvial deposits with Sapphire, the blue to pink corundum. Ruby has always been highly valued as a precious gem, second only to Diamond in hardness. Its name is from Latin "rubeus. (Corundum is from Sanskrit "Kuruntan"). Rubies are also found in the U.S. In the 1800's, the Jenks Mine in Franklin, N.C. produced a 312 lb. Ruby crystal!
Hindus considered it King of precious stones, "Ratnaraj" in Sanskrit. India's Burma produced the finest rubies for centuries. “Pigeon Blood” rubies from here are very valuable. Rubies from Sri Lanka, Thailand and Tanzania are used as cut stones. "Star" Rubies come from rutile needles in the stone. A stone of noble privilege, rubies were believed to bring invulnerability, as they were thought to heal or dispel battle wounds. Rubies carved with dragons were thought to increase wealth and vitality.
              Stimulates Kundalini and increases vitality and strength. Helps with willpower, courage, confidence and determination. Stimulates sensuality, aids childbirth and detoxifies blood. Thought to help with blood disorders. Brings love and passion into life.
Chakras: Root, Spleen and Heart.
Composition: Aluminum Oxide
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