Corresponding Astrological Signs: Pisces and Capricorn
The name fluorite is from the Latin fluere," which means "to flow," because it melts easily and is used as a flux in the smelting of metallic ores.  Fluorite is used in the manufacture of steel and hydrofluoric acid. Fluorite occurrs in a variety of colors, including colorless, green, blue, purple, magenta, pink, yellow, or a combination of several colors.
Fluorite is calcium fluoride, a mineral that forms in a variety of diverse environments. In hydrothermal veins, it is often associated with lead, zinc or silver ores and found with calcite, barite, galena, sphalerite or other related minerals. Crystals are cubes or octahedron, and it also occurs in massive form.Specimens may be found in Ontario/Canada, China, Mexico, England, Colorado, Illinois, and Kentucky. It is used to produce hydrofluoric acid, and fluoride is used in some toothpaste.
NOTE: Do not leave Fluorite in direct sunlight for long periods. The color will fade! Do not put fluorite under hot water! Be mindful that fluorite is relatively soft stone, and can scratch or chip easily.
              Offers a stabilizing energy, facilitating order, balance, and healing.  Excellent for clarity of mind, objectivity, concentration, and meditation.  Flourite aids in grasping higher, more abstract concepts, and to be discerning as to the truth or reality of a given situation.  Balances and cleanses intellectual and physical bodies.  Strengthens bones and teeth, and is used for dispelling illness in its early stages. A good stone for the desk and work area, and for the home. It shields the aura and helps ground energies. Purple Fluorite stimulates psychic and spiritual activity; Green Fluorite promotes calm and gentle healing. Blue Fluorite aids clear communications and yellow inspires creativity. All Fluorite for healthy, balanced home or work environment.
Chakras:  All.
Composition: Calcium Fluoride (mineral), with small amounts of yttrium and cerium.
            Mohs-Scale Hardness: 4
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