Astrological association: Pisces
Generally found in USA, Mexico, Chile, Zaire, Poland
              Conichalcite brings the heart and the intellect together to enhance communication and personal power in a loving manner. Gives strength to sway with changes. It also provides stability. Helpful in beginning meditation, it produces a barricade to ones concerns of the physical world. Stimulates intuition, imagination, and adaptability. Helps realize the boundless-ness of abilities. Can be used in the treatment of disorders of the kidneys and bladder, and in the elimination of toxins. It is conducive to improvement in disorders of the mucoid system.  Assists in all skin related diseases.
Chakras: Heart and Third Eye
Composition: Conichalcite is a calcium copper arsenate hydroxide mineral, that forms in the oxidation zone of copper ore deposits.
Mohs-scale hardness: 4.5
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