Astrological association: Cancer
Bornite  has been known since 1725, but not given its current name until 1845 when it was named for Ignaz von Born (1742-1791), Austrian mineralogist. Found in the United States at Butte, Montana; in the copper mines of Virginia and North Carolina. It was found in unusual crystals, associated with crystallized chalcocite at Bristol, Connecticut. Occurs at Acton, Canada. Also found in Cornwall; Monte Catini, Tuscany, and in various other European countries. An important ore in Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Mexico.
              Inspires the inner spirit to advance to higher spiritual realms. Aids in the progress of fusing the chakras and can be used to activate each of the chakras individually. Helps to "let go" of things that are no longer needed or only inhibit their spiritual growth. Brings freshness to life and allows enjoyment of the happiness of being in the moment. Helps understand that there do not have to be absences, imperfections, or shortcomings in any aspect of life. Protects from negative energy, and helps learn to identify the cause of it. Can be used in meditation to recognize, understand, and accept the difference between grief and relief.
Chakras: All
              Bornite is a sulfide mineral and one of the important copper ore minerals. It crystallizes in the cubic system. On fresh surfaces, it has a brown to copper-red color which tarnishes to an irrdescent purple surface. Due to the purple to bronze irridescence, it is also called 'peacock ore.'
Mohs-scale hardness: 3a
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