Bloodstone is the dark green chalcedony or jasper with red spots, although the red may not always be present. The red is caused by iron oxide inclusions, while the green is chlorite, an iron precipitate. It is formed near the earth's surface, at low temperatures, and occurs in rock cavities as mammillary or botryoidal forms, or crusts.
Bloodstone, or "Blood Jasper" as it was called in medieval times, has been used for centuries to cure various health problems associated with the blood, the liver or kidneys. The cool, wet stone was applied to a wound to help stop blood flow. It was worn by soldiers as amulets for and strength, and to protect against wounds in battle. The stone was also known as "Matyr's Stone", and was thought to have formed from drops of a martyr's blood. It was thought to have special healing powers, particularly in purification from toxins.
In Ancient Babylon, the Bloodstone was used for seals and amulets. Seals and rings of the stone have been worn for centuries, for strength and protection. It also was thought to bring success in legal or business matters, and to attract good health. In Medieval Europe the stone was called "Heliotrope", from an old belief that, when placed in water, it could turn the sun red. Bloodstone was also used by the native peoples of Mexico and Central America, where it was carved into heart shapes and used for problems with the blood or internal organs. Bloodstone is found in the U.S., China, Russia and Australia, but the main ancient and modern source is the Deccan Plateau of India. The gem makes attractive beads and cabochons for jewelry, and is carved into animals, spheres, eggs, and other objects.
              Bloodstone is a gem for strength. It is a stone for the Heart, to purify the blood and the emotions and to enhance stability during times of chaos before transformation. It encourages the use of caution. It eases and heals anger, impatience and aggression, as it is used to intensify focus upon what a person's true foundations are based upon. It allows for honesty and integrity, and encourages us to remember our roots and stay true to ourselves on our journey. It is a grounding stone, and helps keep our hearts in tune with the earth's resonance. Helpful during shifts of frequency. Allows access to our ancient ancestors, our "blood lines", and helps gain valuable knowledge from their traditions. It may also be used to affirm a commitment to work to improve one's health, and a desire for long life. It is used for toxin release and balances blood elements, to help with problems of blood and internal organs and circulation. It may be an aid for menstrual problems, help prevent miscarriage and is an aid during childbirth. It helps align the lower Chakras with the heart.
Chakras: Heart, Root and Sacral.
Composition:  Quartz
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