Apophyllite is a hydrated potassium calcium silicate. It forms crystals with a color range from clear to pale green, and occurs often with zeolites of hydrothermal origin. Good specimens of this mineral, with Prehnite or Stilbite come from Fairfax County, Virginia. Many beautiful examples are from Poona, India.
              Apophyllite helps maintain a gentle awareness of the physical dimension while exploring the astral realms for information or guidance. Like a soft flight on angel’s wings, it acts as a bridge between the higher self and the physical, earthly body. It helps honor the sacredness of the body’s wisdom and it’s "Beings”. It can also spark a soft fire of unconditional love for self and others that leads to wisdom. This crystal allows one to see the future, and the pyramids of Apophyllite may be used to enhance energy used for clairvoyance. It is also helpful for communing with water elemental or beings and the divas associated with these particular crystals.
Chakras: Crown and Brow.
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