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We've EXPANDED!! The 1300 sq ft next door is now the Wellness Center at Stone Goddess.
The Center's grand opening was Sunday, 8/11/13 and we couldn't BE more thrilled.
All are welcome to drop by & see the Wellness Center and find out more.
Please contact the shop to make appointments for quarter-hour to full-hour readings...
or inquire about other services and positions.

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Red comes from a long line of readers and has been doing this for years, just not at the shop. Many people looking for help/answers come in and ask, to which Red says, "I help them as much as possible without sitting down for a one-on-one, which a lot of them need." Call for your reading appointment. You also can purchase a gift certificate which can be used at anytime.

Sebastian, a native of Venezuela, has been a Spiritual Counselor for over 30 years. His abilities came about when he was a child, then as a teenager, he enjoyed reading for his friends and family. He is a Medium and an expert in helping people identify angels, spirit guides and other presence in their new and old photographs.

As a clairvoyant, Sebastian's perception allows him to develop a complete profile in people's life. He will develop a past, present and future outlook on one's life line. As a child, Sebastian developed a channeling ability that allows him to be in tune with souls who have left and gone to the other side. He uses this ability to re-establish or mend broken relationships for closure.


Charles has been aware of “other realms” from an early age. Tending toward a personal experiential path he has explored many different areas of metaphysics, pragmatic philosophy, and is also an ordained minister. He has worked with Tarot as a preferred tool for over four decades, returning to the simplicity and complexity to be found in the symbolism of the cards.

Born into a military family that led to a natural nomadic youth, he is descended from Native American Cherokee and Osage through his father and Celtic traditions through his mother. Both Shamanic and Biofeedback systems allowed him to survive severe health challenges and lead to different perspective on wealth and life. His prime objective is to follow the path Spirit calls him to in all things. His current sojourn with the Wellness Center is in alignment with that calling, allowing him to share the knowledge and gifts he has accumulated through a lifetime of seeking and learning with those who choose conscious living.

More to come

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