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to  the  Stone  Goddess.
Keeping you in touch with Nature !!


Nature and Ourselves

To keep you in touch with nature we also have books that tell about nature and keep you interactive with nature. A part of being in touch with Nature is being in touch with ourselves and other cultures, for this we have brought part of the world to you.

When you enter the shop, in each section you enter a different country and different times in history. In the shop you will find no wars, just the best of nature and what makes us who we are.

Come On In !!

Come visit us at the Stone Goddess Rock Shop. New items from around the world come in and leave our doors. We now have crystals and minerals of every shape and color even some from out of Earth's physical grasp!

Your Richmond VA Rock Shop !

The location at the top of a hill and the knotty paneling is like that of an old time rock shop. We did this to be away from malls and world distractions. We have worked hard to make it worth your time when you visit with us.

We are NOT affiliated with a store by the same name in West Virginia.

Be sure to check back often to see our NEW  ITEMS !!
For more info, see our Contact page.

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