About Us

Your Richmond VA Rock Shop !

The location at the top of a hill and the knotty paneling is like that of an old time rock shop.
We did this to be away from malls and world distractions.
We have worked hard to make it worth your time when you visit with us.

Stone Goddess Rock Shop is located near Richmond Virginia
off of route 1, (Jefferson Davis Highway), in Chesterfield VIRGINIA.

We are NOT affiliated with a store by the same name in West Virginia.

For directions, see our Contact page.

Our Business

The Stone Goddess was opened with just enough money for two months rent, some old fixtures and a few boxes of minerals and crystals.
Thanks to you who have shopped with us, we now carry items from Dino Eggs to books on Dowsing.

Always the smiling sweetheart, Red has brought LIFE to the Goddess.
She always has some fantastic new ideas & is solely responsible for our greatest new developments.

Your Minerals Supplier!

Every day new items from around the world enter and leave our doors.
We now have minerals and crystals of every color and shape, even some from outer space!
The fossils we carry could easily be in major museums.

Find It Here !

We are now becoming a place for kids to come and write school papers on the past, or plan to be a future dino hunter!

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