Corresponding Astrological Sign: Sagittarius

Sodalite is a sodium aluminum silicate found in igneous and plutonic rocks. This blue stone is often confused with Lazurite or “Lapis Lazuli”. Lapis usually contains pyrite inclusions, while Sodalite does not. Much Sodalite is mined in Bahia, Brazil and South Africa for use as decorative stone. It is also found in Ontario and British Columbia and in Maine in small masses. There is a pink variety called Hackmanite.

Metaphysical: Logic, intellect, efficiency. Truth of emotions. Creates inner harmony and helps gently open the third eye. Aids in communication and creativity. Also good for fellowship, sense of commonality in groups.

Chakras: Throat and Brow

Composition: A form of Quartz, Silicon Dioxide
Mohs-scale Hardness: 7

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